What images are used for my ads?

quelle images utiliser pour les publicites

Want to upgrade your Facebook ads? You don’t really know how to do it? Don’t you ever post videos because it’s way too complicated? Why don’t you slap? These are less difficult to set up than videos. Pretty interesting, don’t you think? Ready to know more? So here we go!

What are the different types of images that can be found on social networks?

As you should certainly know, there are different types of images that you can find on social networks. To make it easy for you to find your way around, we’ve made a list of these:

  • The unique image: this is certainly the most used format at the moment. What for? Simply because it is certainly one of the simplest methods to use, when you have no advertising skills on social networks. It only takes a few clicks for you to share an image, which is pretty convenient.
  • The carousel: it’s an element that we find mainly on Facebook. You can share up to 10 images or 10 videos. It is a format that has been born recently and can be very practical to set up for an advertisement. So you can easily highlight your flagship products with this type of publication.
  • The 360-degree image: it’s also a concept of images for more fashionable advertisements. Indeed, the user simply has to turn his smartphone in different directions to be able to see the photo. So he always sees a different angle. This can be particularly effective, if you are a travel agency, for example.
  • The video: the must-have. If you can afford it, video is certainly one of the most used formats. Indeed, it allows the user to view images and create a real story behind. Nevertheless, it is rather difficult to set up since a lot of editing knowledge is needed to make a quality video.
  • The slideshow: and we’re not talking about PowerPoint, it’s about doing a slideshow on social media. It’s almost the same format as the video, but it’s much cheaper. In fact, you need less advanced skills for this type of illustration.
  • The collection: it is also a very practical format, since it allows to group several images to create a collection. Thus, the user knows exactly where to find the image or product he wants.
  • The story: this is the last format you can use to advertise. The story is simply a way to put an image or a video forward. It is also possible to embellish it with a text.

As you can see, it’s pretty important to be aware of the different image formats for the advertising you can have. Note also that you really need to optimize your images: they should not be too heavy to load, for example.

It is important to consider your goals. Indeed, when you decide to use a certain type of image,you have to meet a specific communication goal. It’s not about putting on a carousel because you find it pretty. No, you really need to think about the impact of the latter afterwards.

How do you slap your advertising campaign?

But right now, it’s also possible to use gifs. Indeed, they are increasingly populating social networks. The gif really makes a sensation, if the latter is well used. Here are some tips that should certainly help:

  • Having a gif can help strengthen your brand image: however, you need to have a positive and rather funny brand image. If you are a company that sells financial products, it will be all the more difficult to insert gifs into your communication, for example. Nevertheless, if you sell clothes or accessories, you can perfectly find your happiness.
  • Playing with humour: indeed, the Internet allows you to deride! So it’s important to have a nice campaign full of humorous gifs. But once again, it must be in perfect harmony with your brand culture. In other words, if you’ve never been used to humor, inserting gifs can be complicated.
  • The promotion of a product can perfectly pass the gif insertion. Nevertheless, it must be rather serious for your customers to believe you. It should also be noted that this does not necessarily fit all products.
  • You also need to think about the weight of the image. Indeed, it is better to opt for a short gif and therefore small bulky. It is imperative to think of people who do not necessarily have a good Internet connection.
  • We shouldn’t abuse it either. Yes, although it’s funny, you should know that putting too many gifs can be bad for your brand and your advertising. So we have to use it wisely.

The best Gifs

As you can see, there are many good practices for gifs. It’s important that you keep in mind that this is an important consideration for future ads. And many sites exist to find gifs. So you won’t need to create your own!


In conclusion, social networks is the perfect place to advertise. But if you’re used to using this, it’s time to move on: gifs are definitely the future of social media ads. Have you never tried it before? Maybe it’s time to get started! We hope this article will have helped you in the construction of your next ads!


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