Professional animated gif for online businesses

It is common these days to see gifs or videos of small sequences on the internet. It is important to find out and understand the GIF concept.

What is a GIF ?

Every Internet user has certainly heard or seen a GIF without understanding its meaning. This article will define the term for you so that you know what it actually is.

GIF: Graphics Interchange Format, pronounced jif, is a digital image format that was created in 1987. Designed to download color images (256) from the Internet, this format allows you to store multiple images in one file by changing the display time to create a looping animation: animation gif. GIFs were widely used by websites in the 1990s and were superseded by Adobe Flash technology in the 2000s, but a decade later they have become very popular thanks to the mobile internet and social networks. They are often used to separate movies or cult parts, or to ironically illustrate common reactions. Please note that the GIF format has entered the public domain and there is currently no copyright use. Gifs are used to provide very good visibility in the web domain. Many companies use Gifs to have a fairly high conversion rate.

Where to download GIFs?

Nowadays, to download gifs and make use of them you just have to go on the internet. There are websites that offer downloads of different types of gifs that you can use as you wish.

This is the new French platform for gifs and videos. Gifing offers you gifs and videos to optimize your content in order to facilitate your sales on the internet. On the Gifing website you can edit and upload gifs and videos that suit you and the type of business you are doing. Whether you are in the field of business, technology, sports, health and wellness, fashion, real estate or lifestyle, Gifing has the solution for your gifs and videos needs. The gifs and videos sales service that Gifing offers are focused on attractive visual content. Gifing is simply an all-in-one service and very ideal for your internet business. It is a really unique and cheap platform that the designer Mr. ANTONY NEVO has developed to help boost online sales.


This is the big giant in the field of gifs and online videos. The Giphy platform is very popular with many players in various fields such as web marketing communication, digital marketing, e-commerce … Giphy is the creation of Alex Chung in 2013. Its creation was effective thanks to the collaborative participation of several social networks namely: Facebook, Twitter, Snap and the Keyboard on Ios. Giphy also promotes and markets real and authentic emotions. Giphy is a popular American website that is completely free. It has grown rapidly with over 20 million users worldwide.


Tenor is not only a search engine but also a database of gifs and stickers available online. Tenor’s main product is the GIF keyboard, which is available on macOS, Android and iOS platforms.  Tenor’s competitor is one of the potential competitors in the GIFS market called Giphy. Tenor is one of the most popular gifs websites on the internet. On Tenor’s website, several categories of gifs are offered. On Tenor, there are gifs for love, birthdays, exciting gifs, gifs for dances, sports etc.

Why should I use gifs instead of images for my business?

Unsurprisingly, more and more businesses are following the GIF movement. It’s the perfect way to add value to your content. Gifs can increase your brand awareness and help you attract more followers to your account. Gifs are very popular on social networks and are widely used by users in many instant messengers. Whether you are a blog owner, a dropshipper, a coach, a website creator, a community manager, a web designer… you need to associate animated Gifs to your marketing communication. To attract the attention of Internet users to your business and to distinguish yourself from your competitors, you must use Gifs. It is important to associate your posts on Facebook, whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram… with Gifs to make your prospects focus on the different services you offer. If you have a business that you run online, you should know that it is necessary to associate Gifs to unlock sales. Remember that with this GIF strategy you will double, triple or even quadruple your internet sales. As we often say “A picture is worth a thousand words”. So to excel in your internet business, you need to adopt the Gifs approach.

How can I use GIFs for my business?

There are many ways to use GIFs for your internet business. I’ll show you some platforms where you can use GIFs.


Instagram is now a social network with millions of users, most of whom share multimedia content. With a recent update, Instagram allows you to showcase your business the way you want, showing the creativity and energy behind the scenes of your brand. Boomerang gifs accelerate this sharing and give you even more ways to get attention. Gifing provides individuals and professionals with royalty-free videos and gifs specifically designed for online advertising. With Gifing, you can also make boomerang gifs of your choice from custom video, and easily share them on a post or in a story. All you need to do is send a video, your logo and the text to get a good quality boomerang GIF that will help you improve your posts by increasing click-through rates and boosting conversions.


Using GIFs to display your products usually makes them look better.

For example, GIFs can:

  • Display your products in different ways,
  • Display different versions of the same product
  • Display a product in use.


Integrating GIFs into email marketing can be a good way to boost engagement (and ROI). This is because animated GIFs provide more information than static images (e.g. by showing multiple colors of the same product in one gif). In addition, they add a dynamic touch and can encourage interaction with your promotional email, helping you to generate interest and encourage readers to click on the call to action.

If you know your subscribers’ birthdays, you can also take the opportunity to send them personalized gifs with targeted and timely birthday offers.


Every business, big or small, should take advantage of blog posts. It’s one of the most effective weapons to grow, increase traffic and increase revenue.

GIFs on blog posts, can be presented in a way that makes the business more relatable to their audience. This shows potential customers that your business is not stuck in the past, and if you can keep their attention for a moment, they might be inclined to read all your articles or share them on social networks. Put simply, a GIF, if presented correctly on your article, can bring you closer to your future customers.


For best results, Facebook suggests that you should use high quality images or videos. This should be a given for everyone. GIFs, if you think about it, are the perfect compromise between video and images in this sense. GIFs quickly grab your audience’s attention and mesmerize them with an elegance and simplicity that wouldn’t necessarily be noticed with a still image.

Since GIFs are easy to consume, this makes them a pretty good option for telling stories more effectively. In less than a minute, you can convey the emotion and message you want to convey on a story or directly on the feed.

GIFs are also ideal for boosting your Facebook ads, as they can show the kind of details about your products that will entice prospects to buy, and thus increase your conversions.

The different types of GIFs to download

To use gifs, it is important to download them. To do this, you will have to go to the appropriate websites. There are several types of gifs. Here are the details of some gifs.

Money Gif

Any internet entrepreneur who uses gifs will undoubtedly have a fairly high conversion rate. When the gifs are sent to the customers via email, the entrepreneurs will get a return of engagement. This increases their brand awareness. Gifs are considered to have real qualified leads.

Beauty gif

A beauty gif is a gif used in the field of beauty. It can be used to describe someone you like. Beauty gifs are used to attract prospects to websites and blogs where beauty products, fashion make-up and other products are sold.

Sport Gif

Sport gifs are very popular on the internet.  They are used to do business on the internet. For example, on some websites dedicated to sports news about football, tennis, volleyball, handball, athletics, moguls, wrestling…sports gifs are published to excite internet users and fans of the sport concerned.

Anniversary gif

For every event, there are appropriate gifs. As well as for wishing. A happy birthday to a colleague in the department, a friend, a relative, an old friend from high school, it is good to use birthday Gifs. Birthday Gifs are very attractive. It’s sometimes fun to watch an animated gif, it makes you want to see and see again.

Health gif

These kinds of gifs are very beneficial for doing business online. To present a type of product related to health it is better to use health gifs. For example, to present a cure for a disease or to indicate the choice to be made in relation to a health product, gifs are very appropriate.

Kitchen gifs

For those who have blogs, websites, and YouTube channels in the field of cooking, cooking gifs can help them to find customers as quickly as possible. They can use cooking gifs to introduce new recipes to learners. Gifs have a high conversion rate in online business.

Why download gifs from Gifing?

There are valid reasons to download gifs on Gifing. Here are some of the reasons.

They create attractive and engaging content in all categories to help any marketing campaign.

Gifing will provide you with the results you need for successful and profitable marketing advertising. Use their videos and GIFs to advertise on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Snapchat, TikTok, Youtube, etc. They are the best.

If you want to develop your own social network, you need compelling and convincing content. Each time let’s try to add new clips that you can upload and edit yourself in a few clicks.

You will need visual content throughout the development process of any digital project. When you decide on a project, choose Gifing as your potential source of inspiration and help.

There are several reasons for this. First of all, you may have seen that the content provided on Gifing is not the content you see everywhere. This is where the biggest advantage of the platform is that the content provided on the platform is more attractive to customers and therefore very interesting for the business.

As I said, when using Gifing, the Gif and video provided are more original. When the customer sees this content, he is directly challenged and he thinks: “Hey, this is original, I have never seen such advertisements. At this stage, potential customers are not only interested in the ad itself, but also in the products or services provided by the company, which makes the conversion rate even more important, which is useful for businesses.

In other words, you can use these Gifs and videos provided on the platform to promote products or services, but they can be in Story!

Gifing provides content specifically for online marketing. These videos are divided into different categories, such as: fitness, sport, health, fashion, beauty, business, food, drink, music, dance, money, call to action, happiness.

Therefore, Gifing provides videos, GIFs and boomerangs, which are videos that are played in a loop. All content provided is created by the Gifing team! You can search by the type of content you are looking for, i.e. video, GIF or Boomerang. You can also choose the format: story or square, or by character type (i.e. male or female) …

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