How do I promote my business on LinkedIn?

promouvoir son business sur linkedin

Want to advertise your business on LinkedIn? Do you think it’s impossible? But don’t panic, you have to know how to tame this social network with to get started! We’ll give you some tips that will certainly help you. Ready to learn more? Learn how to promote your business on LinkedIn! Here we go!

Have a business page

LinkedIn is definitely the most suitable social network if you want to publicize your business. In addition to keeping in touch and creating network, it also allows you to highlight your business. And the first thing you’ll have to do is simply create a business page.

Forbes Magazine published a statistic: only 57 of the companies have a company page on LinkedIn. So it’s important to be part of those 57s and not the 43 who decided to do otherwise. And to set up your page, there’s nothing simpler:

  • You have to write an interesting description. This is what will attract customers when they come across your business page. It should also be noted that the description must really make your business unique.
  • You also need to customize your page by adding images. Your account and page should be perfectly coordinated and illustrated.

As you can see, appearance is very important. And for a social network like LinkedIn, the rule also applies. So you need to have a page and a perfectly neat account

Have a very corporate profile

In addition to having a business page, you must have a personal profile that is in line with your page. Indeed, you have to put a nice picture of yourself. The latter must be professional so that you can easily show your position. Why does it matter? Simply because your potential customers will certainly be curious to know who is behind the business. And if your personal profile is not cared for, you could scare them away, which would be a shame.

Also note that if you have people on your team, they also need to create their LinkedIn account. This makes it possible to show the seriousness of the company and therefore to make you known, much more easily.

Targeting potential customers

Once your business page is created and your profile is set up, all you have to do is target the people you’re interested in for your business. The goal is not to make customers buy, but to make you known. You can also see if your target is the right one and if your target seems interested in all of your products or services.

Don’t hesitate to take a tour of your competitors’ network. Indeed, you will be able to find many potential customers as well, which is not insignificant. It’s a great way to see what kind of people can target them.

Attracting the public and interacting with your community

Once you start having a beautiful community, feel free to interact with it. You just have to answer their questions, for example. It does take a lot of time and you can create a link with your future customers. It should also be noted that they will be able to give you their opinions on your products or services. So they can easily help you improve. Pretty handy, don’t you think?

Posting eye-catching publications

Whether you have a community or not, you can publish content perfectly. These must be embellished with images, gifs or videos. What for? Simply because it’s thanks to these elements that you will be able to locate your posts. It is therefore essential to work your visuals properly.

For the use of gif, we must not forget that we are on a professional social network. In other words, it is very important to choose them carefully to avoid any risk of problems.

It is also important to establish an editorial schedule. What for? Simply because it will allow you to publish content on a regular basis. This will make you play with the LinkedIn algorithm,which is a good opportunity for you to see how it also works.

Benefit from The activity of LinkedIn groups

Like Facebook, LinkedIn has many groups. Although these are still unknown, it is perfectly possible to integrate them. So you can interact with other people, but also give advice on the areas of expertise you have.

Groups also allow you to make yourself known. Indeed, by interacting with other members, some might be curious to visit your profile. All you have to do is add them and exchange them with them, regarding the need. This could save you many potential customers, which is a good idea.

Use the right keywords in the “skills” section

The last thing to put in place is simply the keywords. In fact, in your profile, you have a “skills” part. To complete the latter, you need to use keywords. They will go a lot to help you make yourself known. Many people are looking for keyword skills. So it’s an opportunity for you to make yourself known as well.

It should also be noted that you need to determine what might seem important to your customers. Indeed, what keywords could they find you on? As you can see, you have to do a real study at that level.


In conclusion, LinkedIn could be the perfect tool for you to promote your business. Indeed, in addition to being a professional social network, you will certainly have qualified customers. Nevertheless, it is very important to make a beautiful page and publications with animated images or not!


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