How to increase site traffic: 5 methods

Augmenter le traffic de son site internet

Every webmaster wants to increase the number of visitors to his site but the question is: How to find the right technique to increase his traffic? There are many solutions to increase the number of visitors to its site that you can implement. There is no single technique but many points to check and optimize to achieve a result and see a significant increase in traffic. Most of these points are known, but it is necessary to take the trouble to put them in place. Here are some solutions to easily increase traffic on your website.

Increase your site’s traffic through natural referencing

The SEO (for Search Engine Optimization) is the art of optimizing the content of its website to be more easily visible on search engines. This includes targeting one keyword per article and trying to position yourself on the front page of Google to attract traffic. There are two things to work on when you want to develop natural referencing: on-site content and off-site content. The on-site consists of working and optimizing the content on its site while the off-site is the art of developing the visibility of its site by working outside its site. This includes implementing a netlinking strategy.

Increase traffic through affiliation

If you sell products orserved, affiliation and blogging can be an effective way to increase the number of visitors to your site. First, you’re going to have an increase in your traffic by the fact that other sites will talk about your products and services and place links on their articles in order to recover a percentage of the sales that went through those links.

But affiliation will also allow you to develop the power of your site for search engines. Indeed, every time another site makes a link to yours, it will allow you to better position yourself on search engines. That’s what we’ve seen before when talking about the SEO off-site.

Increase traffic through newsletters

Another very important way to develop your traffic is the newsletter. Did you know that more than 70 visitors to a website never return. By capturing your visitors’ email address, you will be able to keep in touch with them for the long term and get them back to your site regularly.There are different extensions and tools

that will help you create a contact form and pop-ups.

Give them an advantage in exchange for their email address, this is truly one of the most powerful weapons in digital marketing!

Increase your site’s traffic through social networks

It was hard to talk about techniques to increase your traffic without talking about social networks. Build a community and deliver quality content on social networks to keep in touch with your readers.

Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin or Instagram, they all work on the same principle. Once someone follows you, you can then offer them content that will invite them to return to your site and thus develop your Traffic.

Increase your site’s traffic through advertising

We’ve talked so far about solutions that can be free (but take time) to increase traffic to your site.

Advertising is a paid solution that allows you toaccelerate your business project very strongly.

Whether it’s advertising on social networks, on search engines like Google or banner ads on other websites, advertising has the advantage of allowing you to target your potential visitors.

On social networks, you will be able to target people who see your ad according to their interests or their history on the internet. On Google, target keywords that give you the best conversion rates. As a banner, you can retarget or target users who have visited sites that are competing with yours.

All these methods can be implemented on any type of business and website. They do not require a lot of knowledge or money (apart from advertising) but can be very time-intensive. Who said that developing the traffic of his site would be effortless?


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