How do I use Gifs to sell on the internet?

How to use Gifs to sell on the internet

We all knew there would come a time when still images would no longer suffice. The Internet may have exploded with jpeg and png in the past, but it seems that now a new trend has emerged; one that includes videos or animations, long enough to send a message and short enough to keep his attention.

What do marketers do? Find a new way to market of course! Each new emerging trend brings new opportunities for marketers. Using animated GIFs is a quick and easy way to do this if you want to join the movement. A GIF is a series of still images in a single image that plays in a loop. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a graphic expert, they are super simple to achieve.

How to create animated GIFs

Creating animated GIFs is as simple as taking pictures or making a video. However, of course, there are a few additional steps. For starters, GIFs are created by taking a series of images and consolidating them into a single animated image (like a video).

There are many ways to animate your image and the type of effect you want will determine which images you will use. For example, if you want to see a series of steps, growth or development, the images you use will be arranged in chronological order. Animated GIFs go even further by using quite different images (such as a series of photos).

Once you’ve decided on the “style” and images you want, the next step is to choose your creative tool. As a general rule, Photoshop is the best tool to use when creating GIFs. If the Photoshop tool is a bit confusing for you, you can use to find thousands of exclusive GIFs and video content.

Now, how to use these animated GIFs to sell on the internet, interact with your potential subscribers and communicate the voice of your brand.

Introducing products

While still images for social networks are ideal for displaying your products, they simply don’t have the “wow” factor of animated GIFs. With animated GIFs, you can also display a series of products in an image and create a totally sensational, time-saving effect (instead of having to browse a long list of products) and immediately attracts attention!

For unique and memorable marketing

Trying to aim for something memorable and unique? We all are when we try to sell on the Internet! Fortunately, there are many ways to get creative with GIFs and create something totally fun. Animated videos and GIFs are great ways to stand out and appear “different” from your competitors. So every time you send your subscribers an email or promotion, adjust it a little and bring something new.

Spice up your home page

Who said you need to have a static and boring homepage for your website? The website is a great place to draw attention to your products and services without having to worry about posts and shares that might get lost in the feed. Of course, you can try this for new offers and promotional events on a separate page. But what about fine-tuning the design of your homepage and adding a little animation? The gifs are not too heavy and are compatible with any browser.


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