Serve your Facebook ads at the right time

Serve your Facebook ads at the right time

Almost every day, when you log in to your Facebook Business account, you’ll find a new feature.

One feature that has been a mainstay for some time is Facebook Ad Scheduling.

In the past, you may have chosen to ignore this feature and instead set a daily budget cap to run ads all day long.

But have you ever wondered if the timing of your ads could play a role in high CPCs or low TRCs?

The difference between organic publications and paid ads

In a perfect world, all your Facebook fans would see every one of your organic posts. They’d love your messages, comment on and share them so much that your listings and sales would skyrocket.

Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world; and not all messages are created equal.

Since Facebook introduced the News Feed in 2009, marketers have been obsessed with thwarting the algorithm responsible for limiting the flow of branded content to users.

But there is a fundamental difference between finding the best time to publish an organic publication and the best time to run a paid ad.

You see, your organic publications can only appear in the news feeds of people who already “like” your page. If someone didn’t “like” your page, they won’t see your organic publication unless they search for it.

Ads are different. They have the potential to be seen by everyone on Facebook, whether or not they “liked” your Page.

Ads are inherently more intrusive. Marketers have bribed their way into our news feeds, in some cases forcing us to digest content that doesn’t concern us at all.

And that’s why it’s stupid to make decisions about when to run ads based on the best time to publish a normal publication. People are more likely to participate in publications because they have already consented to see them. Whereas with advertising, they didn’t ask to see your publication on their news feed.

It doesn’t matter when you choose to run your ad if you target it to the wrong audience.

How do you determine the best time to post on Facebook?

To know when to post your ads, you need to have a thorough understanding of your business, your industry, and your customer.

For example, if you’re a company that makes snow blowers, it probably wouldn’t be smart to post your ads in the summer. It’s just common sense.

But you need to be more analytical than that.

For example, the highest paid day of the week for online retailers is Monday, while Saturday and Sunday are the lowest.

Understanding industry statistics is valuable, but it’s still not enough. You need to know your business inside and out :

  • Which days do you get the most sales?
  • What time of day are your blog posts read the most?
  • When do you generate the most e-mail subscriptions?

Research has shown that Monday between 11am and 1pm is the peak time for mobile shopping. New data from Shopify confirms this as well.

This is the kind of detailed analysis you need to do. If you’re running an ad to generate clicks to your blog, determine what time your blog tends to be read. If you advertise to generate sales, find out which day is the most profitable for you.

Are GIFs in Facebook Ads an opportunity?

According to Facebook statistics, the shortest videos have the most views in terms of viewing time. Anyone who could think logically already knew that. A fifteen-second video ad will be viewed to the end far more often than a video of more than one minute.

This is where GIFs become incredibly valuable.

Animated GIFs are catchy. They are different from images (which may look like white noise) and do not require the same investment, in terms of effort, as video, carousel and commercials. Discover, the 100% French company that revolutionized the GIFs and stock video industry!


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