How to use GIFs to impress your audience?

How to use GIFs to impress your audience?

The use of GIFs in marketing has become second nature to us. We use them in messaging, emails, blogs, social networks and more.

A survey published in Time revealed that nearly two-thirds of millennials and one-quarter of people under 65 believe that GIFs communicate their thoughts and feelings better than words. This simply reveals their popularity and permanence in the way we communicate.

What is a GIF?

A GIF is an acronym for GraphicInterchange Format and, simply put, it is a series of images collected in a video without sound that plays back in a loop. This means that they catch your attention immediately.

GIFs can express complex emotions and messages in seconds. We love them, we hate them, they make us laugh, they arouse our curiosity, we talk about them and so on. And that’s the crux of any business. GIFs interact with you, grab your attention and provoke an illicit response. And that’s surely the goal of any marketing strategy.

So how do you use a GIF effectively? Let’s see how to use them to wow your audience.

Delight your email marketing subscribers

Emailing is one of the most effective (and profitable) marketing strategies. But consumers are inundated with email marketing campaigns. Yours needs to stand out from the rest and adding GIFs does just that.

It engages your audience and, while providing entertainment, enhances your brand. A short animation can show your product much more effectively than any static image. It definitely makes your e-mail marketing more interactive and exciting!

Stand out on social networks

Our news feeds on social networks are at full capacity. You need something that will quickly grab someone’s attention as they scroll through their feeds. A GIF will make your marketing stand out and engage your consumers in conversation. You can use GIFs for :

Promote your products or services.
Demonstrate your brand personality. GIFs show your human side, which creates a positive experience with your audience.
Tell a visual story in seconds and tap into your audience’s emotions.
Be more accessible to your audience.
Respond to comments by reacting with GIFs.
Energize your blogs

Everyone knows that blog posts generate traffic to a website, but not everyone likes to browse through a long article. Add to that the fact that visuals help us better perceive and remember information and we see that we need a better solution. Use GIFs!

Impress your audience by including an engaging GIF. And remember, GIFs don’t just need to be entertaining. They can also be very practical.

In conclusion

Adding GIFs to your marketing strategy will encourage your audience to engage with you, which in turn will boost sales. They are easy to do or there are lots of platforms to find GIFs such as So why not join the craze and experiment with GIFs. With the right approach, you’ll turn strangers into your biggest brand fans.


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