How to explode the click through rate of your marketing emails?

How to explode the click through rate of your marketing emails?

Are you afraid that your e-mail marketing strategy won’t work? If your e-mail click through rate (CTR) statistics are disappointing, you’re probably right. Let’s face it; if subscribers don’t click on your links, that means fewer leads and sales, which will affect your revenues.

That’s why it’s essential to make more subscribers want to click. At the end of this article, you’ll learn some tips and strategies that will help you create more effective email marketing campaigns that increase your click through rate so that you can get more leads and earn more money from email marketing.

Apply for membership

The first step is to make sure that users actually agree to receive your e-mails. Whether you use single opt-in or double opt-in, the most important thing is that subscribers must voluntarily give you their e-mail address.

By using one of the marketing tools available on the market, you can easily set up opt-in forms to attract subscribers who are interested in what you have to offer.

If you buy an email list and send emails to users who have not subscribed, then when your email arrives it may not open it at all and mark it as spam. Too many spam reports damage your sender’s reputation, so you should definitely avoid this.

On the other hand, people who have opted in are more likely to open your email, and if you have used double opt-in, they have already had the opportunity to confirm their interest in your information, making it even more likely that your emails will be opened.

Personalize the subject of the email

Did you know that, according to SendinBlue, 34% of recipients say that the subject line is the most crucial factor in opening emails? In fact, 69% of people will mark an email as spam before opening it, simply because of the subject line.

The subject line of your email also affects click rates, conversions and, most importantly, unsubscriptions. That’s why you need to be very careful. Here are a few tips to have a successful email subject:

Write subject lines that make people curious, so they want to open the email to find out more.
Use urgency and trigger the fear of missing out.
Ask questions.
Use emoji and symbols, which make your emails stand out in the inbox and make them more attractive.
Improve the content of your e-mails

Once subscribers open your email, the content is what will keep them and lead them to click on your links. You can perform certain actions to make your content more effective:

Make e-mails interactive, which is a growing trend according to the SendieBlue report. Animated GIFs, animations and videos can attract and hold the attention of readers. You’ll find the perfect content for your brand in the large GIFs and videos in stock at com.
Use images. Because humans respond to visual stimuli, emails containing images typically have a higher click rate.
Ask for feedback. If you conduct a survey, people will almost always participate, especially if there’s an offer to be won at the end.

You can also :

  • Use numbers. If you use data in your e-mail, users often click to find out more.
  • Include a bonus or a smart call to action for subscribers.
  • Include social sharing buttons.


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