How do I promote my business with GIFs?

How do I promote my business with GIFs

Did you know that animated GIFs have become a new trend in online business promotion? Although the word GIF may seem like a brand new phenomenon to many, it was actually invented in 1987. Today, animated GIFs are everywhere on the Web, and most corporate giants are using them to take their online business marketing to the next level. Let’s take a look at how GIFs are used to promote online business.

GIFs appeal to social network users while capturing their attention from the start. They are usually lightweight graphics that capture only the first moment of a video or a mix of intelligent animation of several entertaining images. Because these types of graphics are relatively lightweight and only last a few seconds, they are supported by various social network channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

What exactly is a GIF?

A GIF is a type of file used for images that can be static or animated. Animated GIFs are made up of a series of images that follow one another (think of it like a flip book for the Internet). Animated GIFs are becoming increasingly popular with businesses and their marketing efforts because they create dynamic messages for consumers.

Use animated GIFs in your e-mails

Everyone likes GIFs because they are fun and entertaining, but most people don’t see them as having a use in a professional environment. That’s where they’re wrong. GIFs have been proven to stimulate email marketing campaigns. In fact, email marketing campaigns using them have seen up to 20% increase in opening rates compared to static content. This means that your customers are more likely to interact with your emails and offers linked to your GIFs.

Use GIFs in social network marketing

As far as paid advertising is concerned, animated GIFs allow you to respect the very short attention span of the public, especially on social networks. Because Internet users are conditioned to explore the stream very quickly, GIFs are perfect for capturing the attention of your target audience in an attractive and easily consumable way.

The flexibility of animated GIFs also gives you the power and flexibility to respond to current events or real-time events. Create a quick and original animation about holidays or upcoming events. Or, publish a call to action to raise awareness of your audience.

Animated GIFs can convey a message where 140 characters are simply not enough. To that end, using an animated GIF to highlight a new product or service is an attractive and effective way to call your audience to action.

Making GIFs that showcase new products through demonstrations is also an attractive way to highlight new features of your business while helping your business stay away from advertising. Instead of giving the impression of “selling something” to your audience, animated GIFs give your brand the ability to connect with your audience through shared thoughts and emotions.

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