How do I promote my business on Instagram?

promouvoir mon site sur instagram

You are a business owner and would like to advertise your business through Instagram. You would like to promote your business through this social network that has several million users in order to attract customers. Today, Instagram has become an essential marketing tool. Here are some tips on how you can promote your business through the use of GIFs/video.

Which account should I use when I want to use Instagram to promote my business?

Over the past few years, Instagram has evolved to provide companies with many opportunities. This evolution of Instagram has allowed companies to share content in the form of advertising to promote their business on the network. Today, Instagram has different types of users who claim to discover new products on the network every day. It has therefore become a place for discovering new products and a place of promotion for companies. Many of these companies use Instagram to promote their products on the Internet.

But you should know which account would allow you to advertise on the platform. You can create a business account for companies. Also you have the possibility to convert your personal Instagram account into a professional account by connecting it with a Facebook pro account. Thanks to this professional account, you have the possibility to advertise your products and optimize your presence on Instagram. It also allows you to tag your products on publications thanks to the Shopping feature.

Why use Instagram to promote your business?

Before you start using Instagram for your business, you must first identify the type of business you would like to promote. Instagram should allow you to highlight the services and offerings your business offers. This will allow you to identify the type of advertising you would like to present to your clients. Once you have done this, you must then identify the type of person to whom your advertisement will be directed. You can’t advertise to teens by not putting fun in your videos. That would probably annoy your customers.

Make sure that the content of your ad is attractive and appealing to Instagram users. You must be able to create GIFs/videos that catch the attention of Instagram users that will allow Instagram users to subscribe to your company page. On, there are many stickers that you may like. On there are many GIFs/video’s to choose from.

How do you use GIFs/video to promote your business on Instagram?

Today Instagram is a social network with millions of users, most of whom share media content. Thanks to a recent update, Instagram allows business accounts to track statistics that will help you determine what content resonates best with your subscribers. This gives you an idea of the kind of gifs and videos you can share to get the most attention. The more viewers and subscribers you have, the more people will be interested in your products. provides individuals and professionals with royalty-free videos and gifs specifically designed for online advertising. With, you can also make gifs and videos of your choice from customized video. You just need to send a video, your logo and text to get a good quality gif that will please your audience on Instagram.

How do you promote your business on Instagram?

Here are a few tips that should help you promote your products on Instagram and allow you to grow your subscriber base.

First, you need a business account in order to take advantage of the features offered to businesses for publishing their products and services. After that, write a concrete bio that presents your company in a few words and in a very convincing way. Most people refer to the business bio to get a concrete idea of the products offered. Remember, your bio should only contain a few words and your username, so get straight to the point.

Then, identify the type of content you would like to publish. Most often on Instagram photos and videos are the most viewed by Internet users. But another form of publication that Internet users prefer is GIFs, which require little data and weigh less than videos. GIFs also offer much more detail than photos, but require almost the same amount of data. GIFs are often less annoying and allow your audience to have a clearer understanding of your ad.

Also identify the pace of your publications. If you want to advertise, you need to present several products or services of your company. Avoid publishing too much though, do at most 5 publications a day. This will allow your audience to follow you and see all your advertisements. But know that what matters most is the quality of your content. If you publish interesting products in quality publications, it should allow you to have the most subscribers. No one wants to waste time on boring publications that are incomprehensible. It would scare away your customers or subscribers. Another form of publication on Instagram is the story that differs from the classic social network publications that have been around for years.

You can also create brand awareness. This is not advertising for your products, but it should allow a large number of Instagram users to get to know your brand and seek out the services you offer. An Instagram strategy also allows you to connect with influencers to gain more popularity on the network. You can also create a hashtag that appears as a slogan or the name of your company. This technique also allows you to increase the number of views on your publications. Today, Instagram has become a network where several companies advertise their products. So you need to make sure you get noticed.


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