9 reasons why your company should use Gifs

9 reasons why your company should use Gifs

If you’re used to reading blogs or visiting sites like Tumblr, you should be fairly familiar with GIFs. In their most basic form, GIFs are animated images used from videos or photos that are streamed and suitable for the Web. Today, they are seen on all social networks with online memes and are commonly used in blog posts. Tumblr said he had 23 million GIFs published on his site every day. When Facebook began supporting GIFs, more than five million animations were sent daily through its messaging application.

Since GIFs have become increasingly popular on the Web, they have become an excellent tool for connecting with users. They can also have a profound impact on your marketing strategy. Here are 9 advantages of GIFs for your marketing:

GIFs are easy to consume

Let’s face it. It’s hard to capture users’ attention for more than a minute these days. Animated GIFs allow the user to interact with the format faster and consume the content easily.

They can tell a story or explain a process

GIFs are effective in communicating your message quickly and succinctly. It may be easier to explain something in a picture than with words. You can use GIFs for how-to guides, quick recipes or to track processes.

GIFs create emotion and show personality.

On social networks, people often express themselves through GIFs in reaction to a certain situation or event. They are perfect for adding humour to your messages and allowing you to connect with your audience. They can also enhance your brand personality.

Create Feelings and Action

Animated GIFs are designed to get your customers feeling and acting. If someone has downloaded a PDF guide from your Web site or is viewing a sales page you’ve emailed to them, you want them to feel that your company is the one they want to work with. GIFs engage consumers and can have an impact on increasing conversions and getting the customer to take the action you want them to take.

To submit a product or offer

You can give your audience a more in-depth look at your product in an animated GIF to show some of the details that make them want to buy or download.

To play a video

Would you like to direct more users to your YouTube video? Use your video as a GIF! This will give users a preview of your video and make them want to watch the rest.

Use GIFs in email marketing

According to an A / B test conducted by SendinBlue, emails containing an animated GIF generated 12% more revenue than their non-animated version. It will attract more attention and keep your readers engaged.

Enhance your corporate culture

GIFs are a fun way to show a small part of your corporate culture and connect with your audience. It can give them a view inside your company of who you are, what makes you laugh and what a day’s work looks like.

Create a visual story

You can use animated GIFs in social networks to guide people through the steps you would otherwise have written. On your blog, you want as much long content as possible for SEO purposes, but on marketing materials that don’t necessarily contribute to SEO, you are free to be creative and use visuals to tell your story.


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