How to make money quickly

Gagner de l'argent en ligne

The relationship to time is different for everyone.

In this article we will see how to make money quickly in just a few days, but also how to make money in a year.

In one year you will be able to earn enough money to live without ever being employed for the rest of your life, with a system that will work for you.

A year on the scale of a lifetime is fast to makemoney!

We’re not going to look at ways to make money quickly and easily if you only make a few cents.

Throughout this article you will see techniques to earn money quickly, to earn enough money to at least have at least some extra income of several hundred euros.

Earn money quickly with freelance jobs

Tobe a freelancer is to have a service to render in exchange for remuneration.

The advantage when you are freelance is that you don’t have a boss, you are your own boss!

It’s just a wonderful situation!

I don’t know how you live, but I hated being told what time I have to get up every morning and what I have to do every day.

I wanted to choose my own schedule and be the master of my life !

The real technique for getting there from scratch is to become a freelancer.

A lot of techniques are available on the internet to teach you everything, to earn money as a freelancer, you can find them here :

When you’re a freelancer, there are two super platforms that allow you to offer services as a freelancer and set your own prices.

If you also like the idea of working on your own account, go and register on Fiverr or on 5euros.

These are the two best platforms I know for making money fast.

It’s all done on the internet!

On these platforms you can offer your services in all the digital field, whether to create a website, write blog posts, make video montages or other!

All the tasks you can monetize, you can monetize them on these two platforms!

If you’re starting from scratch, I think it’s the best technique for making money fast!

You can also register on Malt which is another freelance platform!

I remember that on Malt I had found service providers to create a website for one of my clients for €5,500.

My client was willing to pay me €40,000 for his site, I was making €35,000 profit!

When you’re a freelancer, you can get clients to sign big contracts, and use some of the money to get other freelancers to do the work for you!

It’s a technique to make money quickly with several customers at the same time!

Develop expertise in a field and sell it

An excellent technique for making money quickly is to develop expertise in a field and then sell it.

For example, you don’t know anything about math but you know that every year thousands of students or high school students are looking for special math teachers!

In just 2 months you can learn their entire program and then offer your private lessons to those who need them!

I take the example of the school, but you can develop your expertise in many areas!

It’s up to you to choose the area that interests you the most and in which you can make the most money quickly!

A very good area to make money is the whole world of the internet!

For example, learn how to manage a community on social networks, learn SEO rules on Google, learn how to edit sales videos or create websites!

In the world of the web there are a multitude of different domains that are all more sought after one than the other !

To develop expertise in a field, go to your nearest library, read three books on the subject you are interested in, and you will already know more than 90% of the population on the subject!

Read a little over three books and you will be able to monetize your knowledge to make money!

But then again, to legally collect money from your clients, you need to have freelance status.

The technique of the pickaxe: make money en masse!

One technique to make money quickly is to use the pickaxe strategy!

I’m making that name up and I’ll explain it to you!

Who do you think made the most money during the gold rush?

It’s the pickaxe sellers and not the miners !!!

Yes, it seems incredible but the ones who made money were the ones who offered the ultimate tools to the miners to dig !

Why don’t you adapt this strategy to today?

What if, for example, you were looking for the new gold diggers, and you offered them the tools to dig down to the vein?

It’s the same strategy of developing expertise and selling it, but here you’re going to use current trends to improve this strategy.

For example, today’s gold diggers are those who have been looking for a way to make money with dropshipping for 3-4 years.

There are tens of thousands of people who have taken up dropshipping hoping to make a lot of money!

But dropshipping takes a lot of time and work, and very few people know this before they get started.

Who do you think made the most money?

Those who were dropshipping or those who were selling them training to explain how to do it?

Those who earn the most money are the pickaxe sellers, and therefore, those who sell the formations in dropshipping !

The technique for making money quickly is to rely on the movements of the crowds, looking for the pickaxe that everyone needs to move forward, and offering it to everyone!

Sell websites to make money fast!

It was one of the strategies I used when I left school and needed money to live on.

Anyone who wants visibility needs a website. In short, every business needs a website to make itself known.

It’s the pickaxe technique again, sell them the pickaxe !

They’re looking for websites?

Sell them websites !

You can sell websites for digital agencies, for new businesses, or even for those who want dropshipping shops !

It’s the best technique to make money fast! Sell what people are looking for the most ! And to keep them as customers, remember the number one rule: capture the emails of your prospects.

Earn money quickly with online betting technique

There is a technique that allows you to make money quickly and safely with online betting.

Everyone believes that betting is 100% random, and this is partly true, but what everyone ignores is that with the right strategy you can be sure to win!

The technique is simple, follow these instructions:

  • Only bet on bets where you have a 50/50 chance of winning…
  • Bet only on bets that pay you double your wager if you win.
  • With each new bet, bet twice as much as you did in the previous bet.

Now we’re going to look at the numbers. To calculate a probability, we make the probability of event A times the probability of event B.

For example:

The probability of losing once is ½,

The probability of losing twice in a row is therefore ½ times ½ which is equal to ¼.

And the probability of losing three times in a row is equal to ⅛.

And the probability of losing 10 times in a row is 1/1024, or 0.0009%, which is totally impossible !!!

With this first rule, which is to bet only on bets where you have a 50/50 chance of winning, you can’t lose 10 times in a row.

But if you win, what happens?

You win double your bet, so you pay back all the bets you made before, and on top of that you make a profit !

And so, winnings !

This technique for making money quickly is known to casinos and online betting services.

Be discreet so that they don’t notice your trick or they will remove you from the game.

Because their goal is to make money, not to make you rich! Be smarter than them 🙂 !

Another technique to make money quickly: renting your items

The site allovoisins allows you to post requests or offers.

Your goal is to make money fast.

And for this, you can put items you don’t use every day on rent.

For example, the drill that hangs around in your garage and you only use once a year, wouldn’t it be better in the hands of a neighbour willing to pay you to rent it?

What about your lawnmower? You mowed your garden last month, can your neighbour take it from you and give you money for it?

But you can also rent something other than your objects!

You can rent space in your garage for someone to store their stuff, or you can rent your car if you don’t use it regularly enough!

The technique to make money quickly is to rent a maximum of things at the same time!

The more things you rent, the more sources of income you have!

And the more stable your income is!

Create your business to make money

The last technique I’m going to talk to you about is starting a business.

So of course, if you hope to make money in a few days, this technique is not for you, but if you are patient and entrepreneurial, you should take an interest.

Setting up a business is the dream of many people who dream of making money quickly and being independent?

But often it ends up in a nightmare and the contractor works continuously without result.

In fact, when you’re starting a business, your only goal should be to create a system that works for you.

You don’t have to work for your company.

If you work for your company and it is not your company that works for you, then you are doomed to failure.

What I invite you to do if you are alone and have little means is to look at all the ways you can make money quickly through online businesses.

Online businesses are a perfect compromise between working time and the freedom it brings to the entrepreneur !

If you dream of starting an online business to make money, you can! And it’s even a wonderful idea!

It’s going to take some work, much more than with all the other points mentioned in this article.

But if you have an entrepreneurial spirit, that’s the only way you’ll be able to earn money and achieve your full potential !

Just think about it!


If you want to make money quickly, develop an expertise in a field and sell it !

  • You can also turn yourself into a pickaxe salesman and you will see your revenues increase at a crazy speed !
  • IF you feel the soul of an entrepreneur, you should think about the option of starting your own business ! It’s important to you!


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